Writing Skills Substantially Affect the Bottom Line
"Poor writing costs your organization more than you think... much more!"
Linda Vanderwold, CSP

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Writing Skills Substantially Affect the Bottom Line

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The National Commission on Writing concludes that business and government spend nearly $3.1 billion annually on writing training. And this is just a small amount when compared to the trillions of dollars weak writing costs business every year.

Frequently the Internet posts figures that estimate the cost to prepare and read a document. Business America now acknowledges that substantial costs result from badly written correspondences such as written instructions or ineffective letters. All this leads to lost profit due to delayed projects, employee frustration, or mistakes.

Consider this: a poorly written letter that costs $1,200 to prepare is sent to several million taxpayers. Next, support staff wastes $750,000 or more as they answer taxpayer questions, follow-up on non-respondents, and correct taxpayer errors. What did this poorly crafted letter really cost? Could much of the cost been avoided? Absolutly! Read Writing for Dollars by Joseph Kimble.

To learn more about the trillion-dollar writing problem, review the articles on the left, and download The National Commission On Writing reports shown below.

Writing, a Threshold Skill
Survey estimates show employers spend up to $3.1 billion annually to improve employee writing. Two-thirds of salaried employees have some writing responsibility; all employees must have writing ability.

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Gov't Writing Deficiencies
Is writing an important skill in government?
Two-thirds of professional government employees have writing responsibility. Still, 30% are below standard in writing.

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